1. Shah Rukh Khan My Ad, Rest Towns, Breaking Sirens Cannes Winners
  2. Bride Armour, Burger Glitch, Don't Ever Leave Me Cannes Winners
  3. Flags of Generosity, Lesso Lessons, Lu From Magalu Cannes Winners
  4. The Moldy Whopper, Morning After Island, Reverse Selfie Cannes Winners
  5. Scratch Boards, The Art of Self Examination, The Eye Tracker Cannes Winners
  6. Courage Is Beautiful, Toxic Influence, The Taste Of Reunion Cannes Winners
  7. Ketchup to the Rescue, Bring Back Lockdown, Sunshine, Anytime Cannes Contenders
  8. Dollar Catalogue, The Spotify Charthack, Sound Tour Cannes Winners
  9. Even More Confusing Times, NYPhil, Home Sweet Home Cannes Winners
  10. Live With Confidence Zippo
  11. Feel The Flavor Perrier
  12. Impossible Combo Burger King
  13. Life, Scripted The Chicago International Film Festival
  14. 911 Calls Burger King
  15. Home Sweet Home Tourism Authority of Thailand
  16. Flags of Generosity Cadbury
  17. The World of Absolut Cocktails Absolut
  18. This Coke is a Fanta Coca-Cola
  19. Same Sex Marriage Google
  20. Growing with Pride Corteva
  21. Love Cans Coca-Cola
  22. Proud Mistletoe Stonewall
  23. Traffic Jam Hindustan Unilever
  24. All About the Whopper Burger King
  25. Veggies, Like Kids Love Them Herta
  26. Toxic Influence Dove
  27. Even More Confusing Times Burger King
  28. Teodor NESCAU
  29. Invisible Films Cerveza Victoria
  30. Poop Emoji Ice Cream Burger King
  31. NYPhil New York Philharmonic
  32. Have A Word With Yourself Then Your Mates Mayor of London
  33. The Bin Boy Hindustan Unilever
  34. In Spain We Call it Equality Ministry of Equality
  35. Every Tender Moment Is A Gift Milka
  36. Naturally Flavored La Vosgienne
  37. Greekend National Greek Tourism Organization
  38. Stanley Tucci San Pellegrino
  39. As Early as Five Dove
  40. Lightning Strike Wallbox
  41. Real Magic Lunar New Year Coca-Cola
  42. Monsters of Insurance Acko
  43. Sunshine, Anytime Corona Sunbrew
  44. Everyone Deserves a Future Emergency
  45. Willpower Corteva
  46. Don't Ever Leave Me Lacta
  47. The Sweetest Graffitis Mike's Hard Lemonade
  48. Neighbors for Life City of Chicago
  49. A Life of Service Corteva
  50. Michelin Impossible KFC
  51. The Taste of Reunion Cerveza Victoria
  52. The Gift of Connection Vodafone
  53. No Need to Fly German Rail
  54. The Best Gift British Airways
  55. The Journey Of A Dream Corteva
  56. Ageless Care Hasbro
  57. NOMO FOMO Samsung
  58. Second Life IBM
  59. The Audio Catalog IKEA

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