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PrEP a New Generation AIDS-Fondet

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In a move to shift the narrative around sexual health, AIDS-Fondet, the leading Danish non-profit organization dedicated to combating HIV and AIDS, has launched a new campaign to educate a new generation about the benefits of PrEP, a pill that effectively prevents the transmission of HIV. With the normalization of hookup apps and mainstream explicit content, casual sex is more accessible than ever before. But in order to embrace this, we had to get around strict ad restrictions. Depending on the channel, each ad was adjusted just enough to bypass the respective media platform's algorithm, ensuring that the message reaches the screens of the target audience — and leaving the rest to their imagination. This approach allowed the message to get across all types of media.


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  • Copenhagen
Two visual ads side by side. Both an image of two people engaged in intercourse, but the image is blurred out and heavily pixelated. Both have overlaid all-caps white copy that reads "We can't show you all the benefits of PrEP"
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