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Recycle Me Coca-Cola

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‘Recycle Me’ unveils a series of powerful images that depict the Coca-Cola logo after a can has been crushed during the recycling process. This telegraphic and impactful visual, with the ‘Recycle Me’ call to action taken right from the side of the can, is designed to put recycling front of mind and encourage the consumer to take positive action after consuming a can of Coke. Using a variety of techniques like mechanical presses and vacuums, cans were crushed to make unique spins on the brand's iconic logo. Each execution features a unique logo, mimicking the different ways people crush their cans before recycling them.


  • Advertising


  • WPP Open X led by Ogilvy New York
Large outdoor ad in a city. The ad is a red background featuring the logo of Coca-Cola as though it was on a can than had just been crushed. Underneath in white type it says "Reciclaime"
A series of three separate visual ads in columns. Each column is a red background featuring a white coca-cola logo that looks like it is on a can that has just been crushed.
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