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Heaven Fish Regal Springs

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Every year in the Yoro region of Honduras, a phenomenon occurs: Fish fall from the sky. Scientists believe the weather causes water cyclones to form, sucking fish up from the sea and eventually raining them down onto dry land. The people of Yoro believe “the rain of fish” is something entirely different: it’s a miracle. Regal Springs, a leader in sustainable fish production has tapped into this phenomenon to create a new brand and product that also turns the miracle into an opportunity for the people of Yoro.

Enter Heaven Fish, a new product featured in restaurants and fresh markets all around the country made up of the fish that are gathered during the annual “rain of fish." As part of Regal Springs’ effort each fish is registered with a protected designation of origin, giving the people of Yoro exclusive rights to distribute these ever more valuable fish for the benefit of their families and community.


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