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High-Class Collection Zippo

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Zippo is redefining 4/20 with the launch of its "20 of April Collection." The high-design collection represents a departure from clichés surrounding the holiday, instead focusing on sophisticated accessories designed to meet the discerning tastes of modern cannabis enthusiasts. The collection consists of four meticulously crafted lighters, each embodying Zippo's commitment to quality and innovation. Set on High Polish Brass models, the assortment features a range of designs, from playful, to abstract, to elegant with a focus on form as much as function.


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5 gold Zippo lighters standing upright against a black background. This is the High-class Collection. the first two feature an engraved marijuana leaf pattern, with "enjoy responsibly" engraved in script. The middle one has one large marijuana leaf engraved into it. the 4th has the word "Dank" engraved in script across the face. The far right one has "420" engraved on it in a circular, continuous font and pattern
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