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To launch its new sparkling beverage brand Maison Perrier, the brand created a campaign that speaks to the creativity and effervescence of the beverage. The film, imagined by Ogilvy Paris and directed by Damien Chazelle (La La Land, Babylon) invites us to discover Maison Perrier, an innovative and inspiring place in the south of France. We follow Lily Collins as she explores the different rooms of the Maison, each in the colors of a specific drink in the range, and finds herself literally transformed as she tastes the products.


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  • Paris
Two print ads for Maison Perrier, side by side. On the left, Lily collins in a seated pose, wearing a pink dress and skirt, holding a can of the beverage.  with a green Maison Perrier logo at the top and the images of 3 cans at the bottom. The copy at the bottom says "Enjoy a refreshingly light fruit flavor sensation". On the right, the same ad, but with Lily wearing a yellow dress and holding a can in one hand and a garden hose in the other
Two print ads for Maison Perrier, side by side. On the left, Lily collins stands in between the gates outside a large mansion, wearing a teal blue dress with a puffy skirt. There is a Maison Perrier logo at the top and at the bottom there are images of 4 different flavored cans of the beverage. Copy at the bottom reads: "The House of Inspiring Possibilities". On the right, an ad with the same general layout. In this one, a man is face to face with a Lion statue, screaming at it. He is holding a can.
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