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Maybe it's a Sign Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

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Breasts. Once they’re on your mind, you begin to see them everywhere. Thanks to a visual campaign from Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, seeing them everywhere may now help act as a reminder to get a mammogram, a crucial step in breast cancer prevention. The "Maybe its a Sign" campaign aims to create an always-on mammogram reminder, deploying images of breast-like objects throughout New Zealand and also depicted on a hero social film with a simple call to action — maybe it’s time to book a mammogram.


  • Advertising


  • Auckland
A series of outdoor advertisements against a blue construction wall. 4 pictures depict: two circular patterns in plans of wood; a bicycle; two potatoes on the ground; and two dumbbells. One poster says "Maybe it's a Sign", and one poster says "Book your Mammogram"
A row of outsoor advertisements. The first says "Maybe it's a Sign". Then in succession left to right: A pair of limes; two eggs in a carton; a railroad stop light; two sunny side up eggs; a pair of dumbbells; two droplets of water hanging off a thin rod; a bicycle; two potatoes on the ground. Then a final poster says "Book your Mammogram"
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