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Every Medal Has Two Sides Allianz

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More than 40% of French people say they have been victims of cyber-violence. The phenomenon particularly affects youth, LGBTQI+ people, minorities, and women. With the spotlight on sport this year during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, to mark Safer Internet Day, Allianz France chose to tackle cyberbullying through the testimonies of its Team Allianz athletes. "Le revers de la médaille" ("Every Medal Has Two Sides"), created by Ogilvy Paris, aims to drive impact through testimonials shared by 8 Team Allianz athletes, who disclose the most telling insults on social they or their peers have had to endure.


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image of a man and woman both in white shirts with blue ribbon medals around their neck. to the right of the man is a zoomed in look at the gold medal on his chest which is engraved with "Mettre du breakdance aux JO est une honte ça pue trop la merde" with social media engagement icons. Next to the woman is a zoomed in photo of the Silver medal around her neck which is engraved with "Faut accrocher sa prothèse sur les tyroliennes géantes auusi"  with social media engagement icons
People outdoors at a promotional table with an Allianz banner that is displaying hanging olympic style medals
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