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At the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, IBM (along with its partner, Adobe) showed everyone what happens when AI goes fishy.​ The “Fishy Fish” (created with the help of Adobe Firefly) not only took over the Sphere, they infiltrated the summit, appearing at IBM’s booth, OOH, keynote presentations, and even a digital experience that let attendees “catch” the fish and the AI education points they represented.​ The whole campaign supported IBM and Adobe’s main message, Trust What You Create — an important reminder to all the brands that are now using AI more and more to put content out into the world.


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  • New York
Square booth display with fish projection in front of a banner that says "Trust What You Create" and people interacting indoors at the Adobe Summit
A blue background infographic that says "Taxonomy of Fishy AI" featuring messed up, AI generated images of fish with the corresponding labels: Bias Fish, Unmanaged Fish, Midding Data Fish, Untrained Fish, Noncompliant Fish, Unexplainable Fish, Hallucination Fish, Drift Fish, and Siloed Fish
Two people in silhouette from the back looking at a projection of an AI generated image of fish against a blue digital background. They are both wearing jackets with an image of a fish on the back.
Hand holding a smartphone screen showing an AI generated image of a messed up fish and the copy "Drift Fish: AI drift can pull the assets you create further and further away from your vision. IBM watsonx helps you create input metrics that grade and flag a model's drift.
Woman sitting at a desk at the IBM activation booth at Adobe Summit, on the table is a display featuring AI generated image of a messed up fish with the label "Catch Fishy.AI"
Outdoor billboard in Las Vegas featuring AI generated image of messed up orange fish with one large eyeball with the copy "Check AI Bias" featuring IBM and Adobe logos
Series of mocked up smartphone screens against a blue background. The screens are displaying different AI generated images of messed up fish, with corresponding copy and labels. Some are mocked up Instagram posts and some are web pages. Among the labels/copy are "Unamnaged AI", "Siloed Fish", and "Curb Unexplainable AI"
IBM and Adboce logos projected on the Sphere in Las Vegas, featuring AI generated images of orange fish against a blue backdrop
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