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Ogilvy India has a new print campaign for Acko General Insurance Limited. Insurance companies in India are known for the truckloads of paperwork they make their customers fill for submission for their records, which is a huge hindrance. As a result, paperwork becomes an enormous and real pain-point for insurance holders. Acko wanted to communicate the advantage of using its smooth, paperless services over traditional insurance providers, to the digitally-savvy youth. We created a setting of the typical brick and mortar offices in India, in a decrepit state, with piles of files and folders. The images represented how horrifying the paperwork with other insurance companies is to customers as opposed to the smooth, paperless process that Acko offers.


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  • Bengaluru
Monsters of Insurance - Acko | Ogilvy
Monsters of Insurance - Acko | Ogilvy
Monsters of Insurance - Acko | Ogilvy
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