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Spills Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola's new campaign celebrates the spontaneous yet joyous moments people forget all about their drink, spilling it as they embrace a loved one. "Spills" comes to life in three creative executions, each illustrating a special moment of embrace with a loved one where Coke is spilled as someone holds tight to friends, family or a beloved pet. The campaign features the tagline: "Worth every drop," embodying Coca-Cola's Real Magic ethos and celebrating unexpected but heart-warming moments of human connection.


  • Advertising


  • WPP Open X led by Ogilvy Miami
Image of a tall outdoor billboard. On the billboard three friends happily embrace. The person in the middle is holding a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, which is spilling out and upwards. The billboard has the copy "Worth every drop"
Image of a tall outdoor billboard. On the billboard, a woman is playing on a porch with a dog. She is holding a glass bottle of Coca-Cola sideways, and it is spilling out of the bottle.
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