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Ogilvy has been creating impact for brands through iconic, culture-changing, value-driving ideas since the company was founded by David Ogilvy 75 years ago. It builds on that rich legacy through Borderless Creativity – innovating at the intersections of its advertising, public relations, relationship design, consulting, and health capabilities with experts collaborating seamlessly across over 120 offices in nearly 90 countries. 

Our Capabilities

In 1948, David Ogilvy founded an advertising agency. We continue that legacy today as the world around us rapidly changes. The last decade has seen massive shifts in consumer behavior and preference. Amidst that, modern brands and businesses have to do more than simply conjure an image. They must make an impact. Brands today have a unique opportunity to deliver on that promise—one that lives through modern marketing at the intersection of creativity and effectiveness. Our experts are focused on their pursuit of delivering brand impact for our clients throughout the entire creative process, from strategy to execution.

  • Cultural Discovery

    A brand doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The people that buy into your brand are part of cultures and subcultures that reflect their tastes and habits. We explore the tensions, trends and insights that form today's cultural fabric and identify ways to effectively weave your brand or business into it.

  • Brand Strategy

    Every brand must have a solid foundation on which everything stands. Our experts discover, define, and develop a point of view for the brand that is purposeful in spirit and impactful in presence.

  • Brand Experience

    A brand isn’t something that a person interacts with, it’s something they experience. It’s our job to ensure that those connections are emotional, creating long-lasting loyalty and affinity. We design the brand behaviors and symbols used to unify and signify your brand, creating a distinctive and impactful presence in the market.

  • Comms Strategy

    A brand’s voice is crucial, and so is how and when a brand avails itself to people. We plan and design communications initiatives that grow brand equity, boost sales and ultimately support growth across time horizons.

  • Impactful Advertising

    More is expected of the modern brand than to merely exist as the public face of a business. The successful brand of today upholds values that align with its key audiences. We create ideas for our clients’ brands and businesses that win people's attention, create affinity at scale and drive action at the last mile, fueling business and societal growth.

  • AdTech & Data

    Implementing the latest and buzziest technology to simply check a box is a fast-track to disaster and irrelevance. It’s about knowing what’s right for each individual brand and for the business as a whole. We audit, develop, and deploy the right Ad-Tech Stack solutions for your brand and business.

  • Dynamic Content & Context

    The modern brand needs to produce a steady stream of content that is relevant to people in moments big and small, broad and personal. We create and deploy content that is creative in nature and fit for all channels, purposefully personalized, and efficiently produced.

Consumers today expect brands to have their wellness in mind. That expectation extends to every brand—not just those who are considered traditional health & wellness brands. Ogilvy Health takes on the task of helping all brands and businesses make anything imaginable, in any market, under any timeline, with perspective from across the entire healthcare business landscape. A global network committed to sustainable impact and growth, Ogilvy Health offers clients the benefit of proximity to their local customers paired with scalable global capabilities. We work with a diverse set of partners and organizations to achieve healthcare marketing and business solutions, from pharma and biotech to medical centers and payers, to government health policy and consumer health & wellness.

  • PR & Influence

    We bolster and protect a brand’s reputation and earn attention and influence through a suite of services including Narrative Development, Corporate and Reputation Protection, Employee Experience & Engagement, Earned Media Influence, Social Media & Influencer, Thought leadership, Patient Advocacy, Product Communications, Purpose Branding & CSR, and Disease State Awareness.

  • Brand Development & Promotion

    In a crowded and competitive marketplace, we ensure the brand drives impact through Brand Strategy & Development, Naming & Brand Architecture, Competitive Analysis, Segmentation & Journeys, Award-Winning Creative, Customer Engagement Plans, Point-of-Care Marketing, Advocacy Engagement, and DTC Marketing.

  • Market Access & Payer Marketing

    Our experts drive impact for payers through Market Access Strategy, Preapproval Communication, Value Proposition Development, Demand Realization/Pull Through, and Patient Support & Access Services.

  • Medical Education

    We ensure that the brand and the business always come off as authentic and knowledgeable, thanks to our offerings such as KOL Mapping & Engagement, Lexicon & Scientific Narrative Development, Content Creation, Dissemination & Engagement, Speaker Development & Training, and Congresses & Symposia.

  • Experience & Innovation

    Thriving in today’s marketplace depends on creating memorable, emotional moments with consumers and consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We challenge our clients to meet the moment through our expertise in Omnichannel Planning & Implementation, Loyalty & CRM, CX Strategy, Social Media, Content Strategy, UK, and Field Engagement Solutions.

  • Data, Intelligence, & Strategy

    Big data leads to big insights, and that’s how you drive impact. We ensure our clients don’t miss a beat through solutions in Customer Insight Analytics, Segmentation & Prioritization, Pilot Design & Customer Experience Mapping & Transformation, Market Selection, Measurement & Data Planning, Campaign Analysis & Optimization, Database Program Optimization, Dashboards & Visualization, Media Mix/Attribution Modeling.

  • Innovation Lab

    Exploring and optimizing different technologies can deliver ground-breaking products, features, and functionality. Our Innovation Lab develops visualization technology for clients to deploy through AI and VR interfaces, and designs and builds touchless, in-person, self-driven experiences to help clients serve critical information to their audiences. This service also produces new ways for brands to bring value to health and wellness through gamification.

  • Oncollab

    Cancer remains a life-altering experience for millions of people and their families. Our passion for impacting lives facing cancer inspired the creation of Oncollab, an oncology collaboratory of diverse experts working together to design better cancer experiences through the intersection of behavioral economics, science, and creativity.

Brands don’t command attention. They earn it. Through creative storytelling informed by data and fueled by technology, Ogilvy PR & Influence builds brands, protects reputations, and earns attention and influence for our clients. Our experts partner with modern legends, disruptors, and brands to drive value and impact across multiple dimensions in thrilling and unexpected ways. Ogilvy PR builds cultural relevance, delivers behavior-changing ideas, and creates movements...not moments. We do that in a variety of ways, from enhancing corporate reputation and building relevant communications strategies, through influencer marketing initiatives, building out media & newsroom capabilities, and much more.

  • Corporate Reputation

    Building, promoting, and protecting your company’s reputation and how audiences perceive, trust and interact with your company or brand is a crucial undertaking. We do this through a range of services, including Corporate Narrative Development, Reputation Risk-Assessment, Issues Preparedness & Mapping, Crisis Training, Crisis Response & Management; Corporate Reputation Strategy & Recovery, and C-Suite & Executive Visibility.

  • Public Relations & Communications

    We align your communications strategy with your business goals, purpose, and growth aspirations across internal and external audiences, employees, customers, and partners. Our experts work collaboratively with our clients on PR Strategy, PR Campaign Execution, Comms Channel Assessment, PR Benchmarking, Spokesperson Training & Development, and PR Thought Leadership Strategy & Content.

  • Brand & Influence

    We create and communicate a differentiated brand positioning through earned and social storytelling and activations and choose campaign platforms based on relevance and influence. We specialize in Earned Brand Assessment, Earned Brand Comms Strategy, Earned & Influencer Brand Activation, Earned & Influencer Mapping & Outreach, Brand Messaging & Storytelling, and Brand Awareness & Influence Campaigns.

  • Media & Newsroom

    Brands today can must own their media presence. We Ccreate agile strategies and systems to identify media and storytelling opportunities, create social content across channels, measure engagement and optimize impact. We do this through specialized offerings such as Media Audits, Media Strategy & Playbook, Earned Media & Agile Newsrooms, Media Partnerships, Media Relations Management & Measurement, and Media Training.

  • Earned, Social, & Content

    We help brands tell an effective story through concepting, developing and distributing earned and social content using a combination of visual, audio, influencer marketing and written formats for use across platforms and audiences. We achieve this through Earned Social Comms Strategy, Earned Social Content, Earned & Social Activation, Earned Social Media & Influencer Outreach, & Earned Social Event Management.

  • Employee Experience

    Your employees are key drivers of your brand. We create communications narratives and experiences to engage internal audiences and create advocates, through Change Management & Communications, Sales & Service Enablement, Employee Engagement & Activation, Employee Communications Strategy, Employee Value Prop & Recruitment Strategy, and EX Diagnostic Tools.

  • Commstech & Data

    It’s not the data, it’s what you do with it. We leverage data and insights to inform communications strategy and create campaigns that utilize technology to optimize and scale. We specialize in Comms Data & Analytics Assessment, Global Measurement Tool, Comms Diagnostic, and Social Media & Comms Growth Strategy.

  • Public Affairs & Advocacy

    We help brands design and develop strategies that create favorable external environments and drive stakeholder engagement, advocacy and influence. Achieved through Public Affairs Strategy & Activation, Advocacy Campaign Execution, Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement, Political Landscape Assessment, Issues & Advocacy Benchmarking, and Corporate Social Responsibility & Purpose Strategy.

In today's crowded landscape, relationships aren't something to be managed, but strategically designed. Brands must do more than show up. Across touchpoints — digital and physical—brands must craft experiences that resonate with people and result in the creation of a relationship. Ogilvy One creates brand, business, and customer value by designing personal, data-driven relationships at the intersection of creativity and technology – powered by AI. Relationship Design is Ogilvy’s approach that imbues the creation of all work across the services Ogilvy One provides. This expansive view enables us to center our approach to clients’ diverse needs and briefs for relationships and experience services, supported by 4,000 Ogilvy One practitioners and specialists globally, in all regions, operating in over 90 markets.

  • Acquisition

    We transform the customer experience across its entire ecosystem through a consistent vision and strategy that delivers a meaningful consumer lifetime value exchange. 

  • Service Design

    We deliver impactful experiences, across multiple touchpoints — from mobile apps and websites to immersive experiences and the underlying tech platforms that power them. 

  • Continuous Commerce

    With a vast understanding of and ability to optimize digital marketplaces and the power of social media, we maximize the value of your brand’s interactions with consumers to drive commerce.  

  • CRM & Loyalty

    We develop and maintain programs that build emotional and behavioral loyalty and nurture the relationship between consumers and brands, not only in the here and now but deep into the future.

Your company is successful. But is it a leader? Your brand has a purpose. But is it unique, impactful, and a driver of growth? For over a decade, Ogilvy Consulting has helped clients go beyond surface-level questions and to help them unearth previously hidden paths to success. Ogilvy Consulting puts brand at the core of the business model, and always begins with human insights to solve for every brand and business challenge. We help clients design growth answers for business and brands by unlocking insights for short- and long-term impact — with an unusual combination of rigor and creativity. We do this by through two core areas of focus – Business Transformation and Brand Innovation – and a series of award-winning specialty practices.

  • Business Transformation

    We ensure our clients’ marketing remains a driver of business growth, now and in the future, by assessing their current state and their readiness for change. We continuously mine for insights and envision the future to create ideas using new concepts, prototypes, and platforms. And we ultimately make it real and bring it to market through our expertise in offerings from growth roadmaps and go-to-market strategies to digital and marketing transformation, organizational design, change management, and beyond.

  • Brand Innovation

    We help our clients define their brands’ essential purpose in the world and create new solutions that help create more value and revenue streams. We identify which brands contribute most to financial success and impact in the world and prioritize investment to win in the marketplace. We achieve this through brand innovation strategy, brand valuation, brand architecture & portfolio strategy, market development & segmentation, and marketing investment and strategy.

  • Futuring

    We help reframe our clients’ business problems to speak unspoken truths about the barriers to growth in an uncertain future. Through a holistic view, we help our clients better understand the business and brand fundamentals in order to define the right growth strategy for the future.

  • New Economy / Start Ups & Spin Offs

    In the new economy, startups and spinoffs have particular needs. We produce greater outcomes by identifying, addressing and optimizing organizational readiness, growth models, and brand creation to capture opportunities from start to scale

  • B2B

    Our B2B practice works with clients to continuously invest in and solve for their transformation and growth needs in three ways: 1) B2B thought leadership & research that provokes new thinking; 2) Ever-evolving solutions to emerging challenges of B2B clients, and; 3) Direct access to Ogilvy’s global network of B2B practitioners. From building out a brand strategy and architecture to leveraging the latest behavioral science and audience strategy insights, to innovative product and service development and more, our B2B experts make sure our clients are unlocking all of their protentional B2B value.

  • Sustainability

    We make sure our clients integrate sustainability into their brands in a genuine way, through clear communications to stakeholders and effective partnership strategies. We aim to change the perception of greenwashing and demonstrate the true impact our clients’ products and services can and are having on the environment.

  • Behavioral Science

    Our Behavioral Science practice aids our clients in understanding their audience’s decision-making behavior, mapping hidden drivers of that behavior to unearth powerful insights and innovations. We also create interventions and communications that change behavior, enhancing the customer’s experience and crafting more effective brand narratives.

  • Health & Wellness

    Our services in Health & Wellness support a spectrum of overlapping eco-systems centered around people as patients, customers/consumers. We help companies, from life science to health living improve lives and increase health through human center insights, creativity, and innovation.

Our Team

Tope Ajala

Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

As Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Tope partners with leaders across Ogilvy’s global network to develop and implement practices, policies, and programs that will ensure Ogilvy has a strong culture of belonging—one that fosters an open, equitable environment where everyone can thrive.  

Tope joined Ogilvy from WPP where she was DE&I Lead responsible for driving inclusion strategy, partnerships, narrative, and insights. In this role, she developed programs that accelerated the progress and integration of diversity and inclusion across the organization which improved employee experience while driving business results—including WPPs first-ever Belonging Training, Safe Room Conversations, and Leadership Program for underrepresented groups. While at WPP Tope also served in a variety of project management and operations marketing roles supporting clients like T-Mobile and Google as well as WPP’s new business efforts. Prior to WPP, Tope spent the early years of her career at an investment bank developing people analytics capabilities across the business.   

Born in Nigeria and raised in the UK, Tope is an award-winning DE&I advocate who has lived and worked in London, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and San Francisco—experience which has deepened her appreciation and championing for multiculturalism and inclusion. In 2018 she cofounded LevelSet—a global nonprofit connecting high potential individuals in Tech & STEM from underserved communities with mentors from similar fields with the aim to advance and empower the Black community with resources.   

In her spare time, Tope enjoys curated travel, reading, tennis and yoga. 

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Yves Baudechon

President and Co-Founder, Social.Lab Worldwide & Global Lead, Social & Performance Expert Group

Yves is President and Co-Founder of Social.Lab Worldwide and the Global Lead of Ogilvy’s Social & Performance Expert Group. Social.Lab is a strategy, content, and media social specialist agency and part of the global Ogilvy network. Social.Lab combines audience-centric creativity with data-driven distribution to deliver effective results for modern marketers.  

Yves is a serial entrepreneur with a 35-year career in creating and developing start-ups in the communications sector. His career began with the creation of Marketing Power in the 1990s, a direct marketing agency that he sold to DDB Belgium to which he served as CEO until 2007. In 2000, Yves co-created JustForYou, the largest e-mail marketing program in Belgium which was sold to Belgium’s leading telco two years later. He went on to co-found Radionomy in 2008, a worldwide platform that provides people with the tools and infrastructure to create, broadcast, promote, and monetize their own online radio stations, which sold to Vivendi in 2015. 

When Yves created Social.Lab with co-founder Gilles Bindels, they had the ambition to build a different type of social agency, combining hard working content ideas with smart targeting to bridge the traditional media and creative agency divide. Social.Lab was acquired by WPP/Ogilvy in 2013 and now has 13 offices on 4 continents—a dynamic community of 645 multidisciplinary specialists that combine content, creativity, and paid strategy with a performance focus. 

Yves is a board member of several Ogilvy agencies including France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and Switzerland. 

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Devika Bulchandani

Global Chief Executive Officer

Devika Bulchandani is a world-class marketer who leads with passion, purpose, and an uncompromising focus on creating impact. As Global CEO of Ogilvy she is responsible for all aspects of the creative network’s business which spans Advertising, PR, Consulting, Experience, and Health across 124 offices in 88 countries. 

Under Devika's leadership, Ogilvy achieved three consecutive years of growth and garnered multiple accolades. The agency was acknowledged as one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies, received the Global Agency of the Year title from Adweek and Campaign, and secured Network of the Year honors at prestigious events like Cannes, the Clios, One Show, and LIA—often maintaining this recognition for multiple consecutive years.

As a leader who believes in the power of creativity to make a positive impact on society, Dev’s proudest achievements have occurred at the intersection of the social causes she champions and brand-building efforts on behalf of clients. From the iconic Fearless Girl campaign advocating for increased female representation on corporate boards, to the transformative Morning After Island initiative, instrumental in overturning a 2009 Honduras decree banning emergency contraception, to the mobilizing WOMAN CORP, driving the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S., to Ogilvy’s ongoing collaboration with Dove to help end race-based hair discrimination through the passage of the CROWN Act—Devika has been the driving force behind work that transforms culture and society.  

Born in India, she received her bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology at St. Xavier’s in Mumbai before going on to receive her master’s in Communications at the University of Southern California. Dev and her husband live in New York City with their son and daughter, whom they are raising to be enlightened individuals unafraid to change the world for the better. 

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Stacey Ryan-Cornelius

Global Chief Financial Officer

Stacey is Ogilvy’s Global Chief Financial Officer and oversees all financial operations of the Ogilvy global network. She is also a member of the WPP Finance leadership team. 

Before her current role at Ogilvy, Stacey most recently served as Global Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Geometry Global, where she was a driving force behind the agency’s transformation. Stacey played an important role in the deployment of a distinct and advanced technology platform, Living CommerceTM, to establish a new way of working that is agile, collaborative and reflects the needs of today’s modern marketers. Prior to that, Stacey was Global Chief Financial Officer of WPP Health & Wellness. Stacey originally joined Ogilvy in 1999 and held various regional and global leadership roles, including serving as the company’s Worldwide Controller until 2018. She began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers where she consulted on financial statement audits, mergers and acquisitions and IPOs for major multinational advertising and publishing clients from Simon & Schuster to Viacom’s MTV Network. 

Stacey has been featured by Black Enterprise Magazine as one of the 75 Most Powerful Women in Business and is often called upon to speak about diversity and inclusion, and the importance of increased representation across all levels of the marketing and communications industry. 

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David Ford

Global Chief Communications Officer

David Ford is a strategic communications leader who has leveraged the power of storytelling and creativity to drive cultural impact throughout his career. He currently serves as Ogilvy’s Global Chief Communications Officer.

As Ogilvy’s chief brand champion, David manages the reputation of one of the world’s most recognized and award-winning creative companies. His responsibilities include driving all global external and internal communications, evangelizing the strength of the company’s global creative network which spans 131 offices in 93 countries, and promoting the company's offering to clients across Advertising, PR, Consulting, Experience, and Health. Since joining Ogilvy in 2019, he has helped bolster the creative network’s standing with Campaign magazine naming Ogilvy its 2022 Global Network of the Year.

David has extensive experience leading communications teams spanning the advertising and media industries. Prior to joining Ogilvy in 2019, David worked for first-class organizations including ABC News, where he drove media relations strategy and served as a spokesman for several anchors and broadcasts including ‘World News with Diane Sawyer’ as well as the news division’s breaking news, political, international, and investigative units. In 2013 he oversaw communications strategy for the launch of Fusion TV, a cable network formed as a joint venture of Disney/ABC and Univision; he added oversight of the network’s marketing efforts in 2015. David later played a critical role as Fusion grew from a Miami-based cable network to a national media company through the acquisitions of recognizable digital brands such as Gizmodo, Jezebel, Deadspin, and The Onion. Earlier in his career, David was a publicist at The Karpel Group, the entertainment industry's gold standard for LGBTQ market outreach, and worked in Corporate Marketing at Wenner Media, which previously published Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal.

David is currently the co-chair of the 4A’s Agency Communications Committee and served on the 2021 Public Relations Jury for The One Show. He has a B.A. in Music Industry from the SUNY College at Oneonta and currently lives in New York with his partner and their golden retriever Maddie. 

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Horacio Genolet

Chief Executive Officer, Latin America

Horacio is Executive Partner, Chief Executive, Latin America and has led Ogilvy’s Latin American operations since January 2017. 

Under Horacio’s leadership, Ogilvy Latin America has been recognized by Cannes Lions as Latin America Regional Network of the Year for four consecutive years, earning its latest designation in 2022. 

Horacio joined Ogilvy in 1993 in Argentina as an Account Supervisor. He was soon promoted to Account Group Director where he oversaw clients such as Duracell, IBM, SmithKline-Beecham and Mercedes Benz. After a three-year stint as Advertising Manager at Telecom Group, the largest cellular telephone company in Argentina, Horacio moved to media agency Carat as Regional Director for Latin America. 

In 2004 Horacio returned to Ogilvy in Mexico as VP of Client Services in charge of accounts such as American Express, Volvo, Coca-Cola and Gillette. 

In 2006, he was appointed as Managing Director of the Ogilvy Miami, while also taking over duties as Regional Account Director for American Express, Motorola, Kraft and Lenovo. Horacio returned to Ogilvy Mexico in 2008 as Executive VP and in August of 2011 he was appointed CEO. 

Under his stewardship, Ogilvy was ranked the number one agency in Mexico by Merca2.0 for three consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016). 

Horacio has been recognized for five consecutive years (2012-2017) as one of the 300 Most Influential Leaders of Mexico by Líderes Mexicanos magazine, and he was also named one of the Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leaders by Merca2.0. 

In 2015, Horacio became President of the Executive Board of the Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies. In 2016, he acted as President of the EFFIE Awards Council. 

Horacio has a degree in Advertising from the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires and a Master's Degree in Integrated Communications from Bonn University in Germany. 

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Philip Heimann

Global Chief Marketing & Growth Officer

As the Global Chief Marketing & Growth Officer of Ogilvy, Philip is responsible for the business development and marketing efforts of one of the world’s most recognized brands and award-winning creative agencies. 

Over the past 20 years, Philip has successfully fostered cultures on the client and agency side where creativity flourishes and is directed to drive demonstrably better business results. He has led global teams working on some of the world’s most iconic brands including SC Johnson, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Volkswagen, Dove, and Harvey Nichols, among others. 

Having worked across every continent, Philip brings a unique global perspective to brand building and what it takes to authentically connect brands to culture around the world. Since joining Ogilvy in 2008 Philip has served in a diverse range of leadership roles across markets. From 2013 to 2016 he led Ogilvy Paris, the company’s third-largest global client hub and the network’s second most-awarded creative office at the time. Prior to that, he led new business and marketing for EMEA. Most recently he served as a WPP and Ogilvy Global Client Leader. 

In recognition of his accomplishments leading Ogilvy's global new business and marketing efforts, Philip was named the Agency Growth Leader of the Year for 2022 by Campaign Magazine.

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Sophie Hofstetter

Global Chief Client Officer

As Global Chief Client Officer, Sophie is responsible for working with leaders across the network to nurture and grow our top 20 global clients.

During her tenure with Ogilvy, Sophie led two of the agency’s top five global clients to remarkable success. Since 2019, Sophie has been helping Nestlé build a portfolio of modern brands utilizing creativity as the driving force across the entire consumer journey. Prior to Nestlé, Sophie  helmed an integrated team overseeing the agency’s global Unilever business. Throughout her eight-year tenure, she played a pivotal role in transforming the account into the creative and effective powerhouse it is today.

In addition to her responsibilities as Global Chief Client Officer, Sophie has been a key leader in our Sustainability Practice. Her involvement in crafting sustainability strategies and programs for clients, both at the corporate and brand levels, underscores her commitment to impactful and purpose-driven initiatives. She passionately champions the transformative power of diversity in fostering growth, evident in her mentorship, recruitment efforts, and the diverse teams she builds.

Committed to fostering female leadership, Sophie is an active member of Stella, the WPP cross-company female leadership group dedicated to empowering women to reach their full potential.

Based in London, Sophie’s international background is as diverse as her professional journey. Born in France, raised in West Africa, and schooled in Canada where she started her advertising career, Sophie has worked in various countries, including Morocco, Spain, France, Italy, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

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Kim Johnson

Global Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy Health

Kim joined Ogilvy Health as Global CEO in August 2021 following 18 months at the executive level of WPP, partnering with global clients to unlock growth and deliver creative transformation.  Widely respected for her decades of marketing leadership in the health and wellness sector, Kim has worked at the forefront of global health and science innovation on both the agency and client side. Kim oversees all aspects of Ogilvy’s Health business, globally spanning HCP and Patient Advertising, Brand Strategy and Content Creation along with PR, Social, Medical Education and Market Access for the world’s leading companies in the health sector. Under Kim’s leadership, Ogilvy Health is accelerating growth by harnessing the power of creativity to help clients solve needs in a rapidly evolving marketplace 

Leading winning teams and winning leading clients, Kim is right where she loves to be—at the intersection of creativity, experience, and health—at Ogilvy, inspiring people and brands to impact the world. 

Prior to Ogilvy and WPP, Kim was the President of GSW and before that, PALIO NA, a group of full-service agencies in the Syneos Health global network, where she doubled annual billings and merged the two companies to become the network’s flagship brand. Kim was previously a partner at health and wellness independent agency, The Bloc. Kim also held marketing leadership roles at Pfizer, including leading a global blockbuster brand in the inflammation franchise. Kim got her first taste of health and wellness while at Wunderman, where she led the Pfizer business for several years working on brands including Zyrtec, Chantix, and Lipitor following progressive account leadership roles with tech and B2B clients. 

Kim has been recognized as one of the PharmaVOICE 100, an honor bestowed to the most inspiring people in the life-sciences industry, along with other notable marketer recognitions from the HBA, DTC Perspectives, and PM360.  Most recently, Kim was named one of PRWeek’s Top 30 Health Influencers (2021) and MM+M’s Women of Distinction (2022). 

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Sally Kissane

Chief Executive Officer, ANZ

In her 20-plus years at Ogilvy, Sally has led teams in both Australia and New York across Direct Marketing & CRM, Digital, Public Relations and Advertising, making her one of our industry’s most well-rounded leaders. After managing OgilvyOne in Sydney, Sally became a Joint Managing Director of Ogilvy Sydney before her promotion to CEO of Ogilvy Australia in 2021. 

Beyond her proven track record leading successful client engagements, Sally’s achievements also include improving the wider advertising industry, from developing junior talent through Ogilvy’s Goliath Graduate program to holding agencies accountable on diversity and inclusion through initiatives such as Changing the Face. 

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Antonis Kocheilas

Global Chief Transformation Officer

Antonis Kocheilas is Ogilvy’s Global Chief Transformation Officer and has the responsibility of identifying and implementing transformational strategies and systems that help brands and businesses to navigate the ever-changing market dynamics of today and the future. Additionally, Antonis leads Ogilvy Consulting, the agency’s enterprise level business transformation and brand innovation unit, which is comprised of over 225+ consultants around the world.

Prior to his current role, Antonis served as the Global CEO of Ogilvy Advertising where he led the global network’s effort to harness Ogilvy’s capabilities in branding, advertising and content creation capabilities.

Throughout his career, Antonis has worked to foster cultures on both the client and agency side where creativity flourishes and is directed to drive demonstrably better business results. He has seen the effectiveness of this approach through the work with a range of global companies including SC Johnson, Mondelēz, PepsiCo, Unilever, Constellation Brands, CDW, and Pernod Ricard among others. He is a strategist by trade and during his tenure at Ogilvy, has led the global Brand Strategy Community, bringing together a diverse team of strategists to successfully shape the future of some of the most valuable brands in the world.

He is a global marketer with a deep understanding of how brands grow. A Big-picture thinker that loves crafting wholistic strategies; ones that deliver world-class Comms, helps to galvanise stakeholders and ultimately drive business growth across time horizons.

Antonis has 20+ yrs. of experience across leader and challenger brands in industries including CPG, Tech, Telco and Retail and he has delivered extraordinarily work for clients, as evidenced by 21 Effie (Marketing Effectiveness Awards) and 23 Cannes Lions (Creative Awards) including a Grand Prix in 2018.

Antonis holds an MBA from Cardiff University in UK and a BSc. in International Management from the American College of Greece.

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Andre Laurentino

Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy UK

André Laurentino, better known as Dedé, is the CCO of Ogilvy UK and Global ECD on Dove.
Brazilian born Dedé was one of Brazil's most awarded art directors for 10 years. He then became a copywriter and soon went on to win the same accolades in his new role. Over the past 25 years, he's done award-winning work for brands such as Visa, Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, Adidas, Hellmann's, Dove, Comfort and many others. 
Dede has over 30 Cannes Lions to his name, as well as D&AD and The One Show pencils. 
Alongside his career in advertising, Dede is a published author (a novel in 2005, collected essays in 2017) and also wrote TV series for Globo TV – Brazil’s largest TV network. He was a regular columnist for newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo for 10 years and has collaborated with drawings and cartoons for various magazines and newspapers.

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Mick McCabe

Global Chief Strategy Officer

Mick is a thinker and proven leader who works at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology to create impact and growth for Ogilvy and its clients. As Global Chief Strategy Officer, Mick leads a team of 1,500+ strategists across the Ogilvy network to deliver world-class, insights-driven creative solutions for clients.  

Mick joined Ogilvy from Publicis Groupe where he held various leadership roles over the past decade, including Global Chief Strategy Officer for Publicis Worldwide and CSO roles for Le Truc, Publicis Creative USA, and Leo Burnett. During his tenure at Publicis, he worked extensively on the group’s largest accounts, including Allstate, Bank of America, CVS, Heineken, Samsung, and Walmart. Altoids, BMW, Nintendo, Ikea, and McDonald’s are other marquee brands he has helped advise over his career.  

Prior to Publicis, Mick led strategy teams at Deutsch and Kirshenbaum Bond. Additionally, Mick served as a strategic advisor and acting CMO for the launch of the world's biggest VR fitness platform, Supernatural, which in 2020 won Fast Company’s Best Innovation and Time Magazine’s Best Invention awards. His work has been recognized by Cannes, Jay Chiat Awards, and includes two Grand Prix Effies. 

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Rajesh Midha

North America Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy One

Rajesh Midha, North America CEO of Ogilvy One, leads teams dedicated to customer experience (CX), design, data, platforms, products, technology, and innovation. At the helm of his role, Rajesh is responsible for creating digital, physical, and human-centric experiences, and building the platforms, tools, and technologies that deepen customer-brand relationship relationships, ensuring long-term impact for business success.  

A seasoned full-funnel CX expert, Rajesh excels in seamlessly integrating and orchestrating diverse capabilities, including creative, strategy, design, data, and technology. His expertise lies in crafting delightful customer experiences that not only spur business growth but also enhance customer engagement and retention. Rajesh is adept at connecting expansive creative ideas across the entire customer journey, encompassing CRM, commerce, content, and loyalty. His extensive experience spans B2C and B2B brands in multiple industries, including hospitality, healthcare, QSR, technology, mobility, and telecommunications.  

With over 20 years in the design, product, and technology space, Rajesh previously served as the President of Ogilvy Experience in North America and was the CEO of Bottle Rocket (an Ogilvy Experience company). His other prior roles include serving as the Chief Product Officer at a Google-backed company, Quartet, and as the Chief Product Officer at ooVoo, a video telecommunications platform.  

Rajesh attended Stanford and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a B.S. in Finance and Marketing from Lehigh University. Throughout his career, Rajesh has provided strategic guidance to clients across various sectors and collaborated with renowned brands such as AstraZeneca, Baylor Scott & White Health, Caesars, Chik-fil-A, Enterprise, Fiesta, IBM, Potbelly, Robert Half, and Verizon. 

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Patou Nuytemans

Chief Executive Officer, EMEA

As Chief Executive Officer EMEA of Ogilvy, a post she has held since September 2021, Patou is responsible for driving all aspects of Ogilvy’s business across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, spanning public relations, consulting, advertising, health, and experience. 

Patou joined Ogilvy in Belgium in 1993, and has steadily risen through the ranks of Ogilvy, taking on management roles of increasing responsibility. She has worked on three continents across a broad range of disciplines, categories, and clients. Her multidiscipline expertise has helped her serve as a leading contributor to Ogilvy's global digital strategy, integrating the group’s digital capabilities across the network.  

Prior to being named CEO of EMEA, Patou was Global Chief Growth Officer of Ogilvy Consulting from January to September 2021. In the short period she was in that role, she made significant impact to that business, operationalizing the network and its marketing function for growth. 

Before bringing her talents to Ogilvy Consulting, Patou served as CEO of the Middle East and North Africa region for four years, where she grew Memac Ogilvy financially, operationally, and reputationally—transforming a network of 11 offices into an integrated, efficient, modern marketing agency with an unparalleled new business track record, high client satisfaction, and a true talent and people-first culture. 

Prior to her move to Dubai, Patou combined her role of EMEA Chief Digital Officer with that of CEO Ogilvy & Social.Lab Brussels, to oversee the network roll-out of this leading-edge social media performance business that was acquired under her leadership and became one of Ogilvy’s fastest-growing offers globally. As Chief Digital Officer, a role she had for over 15 years, she played a pivotal role in developing and implementing the strategy that transformed Ogilvy into a digital-age agency group and led numerous digital transformation projects for some of the world’s leading brands, including British Airways, IBM, IKEA, Nespresso, Nestlé, Philips, Unilever, Vodafone, and many more. 

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Maria O'Keeffe

Global Chief People Officer

Maria ​is a world-class executive who has been at the forefront of shaping innovative talent programs and offerings while fostering inclusive workplaces. She joined Ogilvy as Global Chief People Officer in March 2022 to reshape the employee experience to be one that is modern and inclusive. 

Prior to joining Ogilvy, Maria spent 25 years at Edelman where she held various talent leadership roles including Global Chief Talent Officer of Practices, Sectors & Clients and CTO of the U.S., Canada, and Latin America regions. While at Edelman, Maria helped architect and implement programs to facilitate talent retention, manage change, and drive employee development. ​This included working to enhance paid-time-off policies, increase parental leave, improve performance review and career development processes as well as creating a candidate assessment program that formalized talent acquisition processes to drive progress towards industry-leading diversity and inclusion goals. 

Maria is an expert in change management, ​mediation, and organizational design. She is a certified trainer of Situational Leadership® II and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. She received her SPHR certification and holds a bachelor's degree in Management from Illinois State University. 

When not at work, you can find Maria at home in Geneva, Illinois with her husband Mike, sons Aidan and Nicky and rescue puppy, Peanut. 

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Piyush Pandey

Chairman of Global Creative

Piyush has been with Ogilvy for over 40 years and been in his current role as Chairman of Global Creative since 2021. He started as an account executive and moved to creative in 1988. 

In 2016, he became the first ‘pure’ advertising person to be honored with the Indian national civilian award, the ‘Padma Shri’. He was the first Asian to chair a Cannes Jury in 2004, and he was awarded the lifetime achievement award by Clio, New York in 2012 and by the AAAI in India in 2010. In June 2018, Piyush, along with his brother Prasoon, was awarded the Lion of St. Mark at the International Festival of Creativity at Cannes. 

Piyush has been a brand ambassador for Indian advertising at many international and Indian forums and was also a mentor at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. 

Piyush is best known for his creative work. He believes advertising must talk to the hearts of people, and that the best reward of good work is when people on the streets it is aimed at talk about it. His work has won over 1,000 awards nationally and internationally.   

He has created famous campaigns for Asian Paints (Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai - Every House Has a Story to Tell), Cadbury (Kuch Khas Hai Hum Sabhi Mein - Real Taste of Life), Fevicol (Fevicol Ka Jod Hai, Toote Ga Nahi - The Unbreakable Bond of Fevicol), SBI Life (Heere Ko Kya Pata Tumhari Umar - Diamond Doesn’t Know Your Age), to name a few.  He also led the campaign that brought the BJP to national power in 2014 with the famous lines Abki Baar Modi Sarkar - This Time Modi government and Ache Din Aane Wale Hain - Good Days Are Going to Come.   

Piyush believes people in advertising can use their creativity to drive social change. He has created many memorable social campaigns - including his work with UNICEF to make India a polio-free country. 

He has documented his advertising philosophy and thoughts behind his famous campaigns in his book Pandeymonium.  

Cricket is Piyush's other big passion, and before joining advertising he was a state-level cricketer, as well as a tea-taster. He is married to a former colleague Nita and has six dogs. 

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Chris Reitermann

Chief Executive Officer, APAC and Greater China

As Chief Executive Officer, APAC and Greater China, Chris is responsible for the daily operations of the agency and its next phase of growth across the region and across the vital market of China. 

Chris brings a wealth of successful leadership for the agency in the region. In 2017, under Chris’s leadership, Ogilvy was named the most effective agency in Asia Pacific by the Effies Effectiveness Index and Creative Network of the Year by Campaign Asia who also named Chris Asia Pacific Agency Head of the Year.  

Over the last two decades Chris has held several senior management positions within the Ogilvy, running local offices, regional and worldwide clients like Nestlé and Cisco, and regional units such as Ogilvy Advertising. 

In 2000, Chris moved to Beijing to help establish Ogilvy Interactive, which subsequently developed into the largest digital and customer engagement agency in China, with over 500 staff. The agency won China’s first Cannes Lion and was crowned Digital Agency of the Year by Campaign Asia. 

By 2009, he took on the additional role of managing Ogilvy in Shanghai, and then began to oversee Ogilvy Advertising in Asia Pacific in 2012. He was promoted to CEO of Ogilvy China in August 2014, a role he retains. 

Chris is actively involved in the Chinese internet space, sitting on the Advisory Boards of several start-ups. He writes regularly about digital and brand marketing. 

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Julianna Richter

Global Chief Executive Officer, Public Relations

Julianna is Ogilvy’s Global Chief Executive Officer of Public Relations and Influence. Julianna oversees all aspects of Ogilvy’s global PR business which spans Reputation Management, Brand Influence, C-Suite & Advocacy, Media Influence, and Employee Experience and is responsible for growing Ogilvy’s PR & Influence operations globally .

An industry veteran, Julianna is a strategic communications and operations leader. Most recently, Julianna was a partner at Waypoint Partners, a global growth advisory and M&A firm, that works with high growth companies to scale their business by increasing capabilities, capacity and capital. Prior to that, she spent over 17 years at Edelman. Before departing in 2018, she served as U.S. Chief Operating Officer responsible for driving growth and operational efficiency of the largest region and had management oversight of US practices and business functions including human resources, diversity and inclusion, client excellence, marketing, innovation and learning and development. Prior to her role as Edelman’s U.S. COO, Julianna was President of Global Client Management where she was responsible for strategic growth and market expansion of the firm’s global client portfolio.

Throughout her career, Julianna has advised clients across a variety of areas and has worked with leading brands such as AstraZeneca, Genentech, Paypal, Campari, Cigna, Starbucks and Taco Bell to develop PR and communications strategies, launch consumer campaigns and manage company-wide issues and crises.

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Stephanie Ricke

Global Chief of Staff

Stephanie is Ogilvy’s Global Chief of Staff. She was appointed to partner with CEO Andy Main in implementing the vision for Ogilvy’s future, to be the world’s best partner for growth. 

Stephanie joined Ogilvy New York in 2018 as a Group Managing Director responsible for a diverse portfolio of Ogilvy’s clients in the US. Prior to that, she spent 10 years with a division of Ogilvy in Minneapolis, The Lacek Group.  Stephanie has led CRM and data-driven communications efforts for several industry-leading brands, including Starwood Hotels and Disney. Her work in the loyalty space has led to program innovations and more dynamic data-driven lifecycle communications to build deeper relationships between customers and brands. In addition to leading the global rollout of the rebrand of SPG and its new benefits, she led the launch efforts to support Delta Skymiles and Uber partnerships. In 2015, Stephanie took over the leadership of Leopard, Ogilvy’s B2B Employee Experience agency in Denver. In her time there, she led teams who were responsible for bringing clients like IBM’s brand platforms to life through their sales channels.  

Prior to joining Ogilvy, Stephanie led the marketing team for a retail concept of Best Buy called eqLife, and spent time as an executive at Accenture, helping Fortune 500 companies improve their organizational efficiencies and communications strategies. In 2015, she was named as one of the “Top Women in Business” by Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal. 

Stephanie is a graduate of Purdue University, a Starbucks addict, and a proud supporter of all things Boilermaker. 

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Joe Sciarrotta

Global Deputy Chief Creative Officer

Joe joined Ogilvy in 2000 as Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer of the Chicago office. He was appointed Co-Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy USA in 2017 and promoted to Global Deputy Chief Creative Officer in 2018.   

Joe is an accomplished creative with a history of success both creating campaigns and as an agency and network leader. With Joe helping lead Ogilvy’s creative output globally, the agency network has seen incredible success. Ogilvy was named Network of the Year by Cannes Lions in 2022, in addition to topping the WARC Creative 100 as the World’s Most Creative Agency Network for two straight years in 2022 and 2023. Ogilvy also won Network of the Year at The One Show and LIA in 2022. In 2023, Ogilvy was named CLIOs network of the Year and Global Network of the Year by Campaign Magazine for the second consecutive year. 

Ogilvy Chicago earned great success under Joe’s stewardship. The agency was named the 2018 Clio Awards “Agency of the Year,” and he was part of the creative team that won the 2006 Grand EFFIE for Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. His work has also won numerous Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils, Clios, Communication Arts, London International Awards, and D&AD Awards.   

Joe has twice been named to Adweek's Creative All-Star team, as well as Crain's "40 under 40" list. Joe has served on Ogilvy's Worldwide Creative Council since 2003. 

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Liz Taylor

Global Chief Creative Officer

Liz Taylor is one of the industry’s most-awarded creative leaders. She is a champion of borderless creativity and ideas that create impact for brands and society. 

As Global Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy, Liz is responsible for overseeing the agency’s creative product across 131 offices in 93 countries and spanning its five business units: Advertising, PR, Experience, Health, and Consulting. She has consistently guided Ogilvy to achieve remarkable recognition within the industry, securing multiple prestigious accolades in recent years. These include being named CLIOs Network of the Year in 2023, Cannes Network of the Year in 2022, WARC Creative 100's top-ranked Network in both 2022 and 2023, LIA Network of the Year in 2022, The One Show Network of the Year in 2022, and Campaign Magazine's Global Network of the Year in both 2021and 2022.

In 2023 Liz became the first woman to be ranked #1 in The Drum’s Top 100 Chief Creative Officers list. She has been named an Ad Age Woman to Watch and an Adweek’s Creative 100 member. Her work has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art, Super Bowls, Harper’s Bazaar, Fast Company, Rolling Stone, and even topped the Billboard charts. In 2022, she added an Emmy nomination to her name as Change the Ref’s campaign “Lost Class” earned recognition in the Outstanding Commercial category. 

Alongside the recognition of her work, she has helped set the industry bar for creativity around the world, serving on a multitude of juries that includes Cannes – Digital Craft and Print & Publishing; One Show – Social Media and Integrated Campaign; and D&AD – Experiential and Direct. An industry leader in addressing workplace inequality, Liz also served as an inaugural jury chair of the Athena Advertising Awards, held in conjunction with the 3% Movement. 

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin and Portfolio Center, Liz is based in her native Chicago, where she lives with her husband, a Goldendoodle, and her two kids when they are home from college. When she’s not writing for work, she’s writing a memoir that she hopes will one day be published. And when she needs a break from writing, you can find her indulging in any number of her favorite things—whether binge-watching, fashion obsessing, pop culture devouring, vintage t-shirt collecting, mid-century modern furniture shopping or poker playing. 

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Kent Wertime

Global CEO, Ogilvy One & CEO, APAC

Kent is Global Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy One & Chief Executive Officer, APAC. He has lived and worked in Asia for the past three decades, holding various senior advertising and marketing positions based in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Singapore.  

Kent’s tenure with Ogilvy began in 1999, when he joined the agency to head up Ogilvy’s interactive division in Asia. Kent helped Ogilvy establish the largest interactive agency operation in Asia, with offices in 12 markets. In January of 2004, Kent was promoted to President, OgilvyOne Asia. In March of 2009, Kent moved to Japan and took on the added responsibility of President of Ogilvy Japan. In 2010, Kent was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Ogilvy APAC. In 2016, he became co-CEO of the region. Subsequently, he was appointed Global Chief Operating Officer in 2023 and Global Chief Executive Officer of Ogilvy One in 2024 while retaining his role in APAC.
Kent is an experienced writer and speaker. Kent’s first book, “Building Brands and Believers”, was published in 2002. In late 2007, Kent co-authored a second book, DigiMarketing: The Essential Guide to New Media & Digital Marketing. His writing has also appeared over the years in The Asian Wall Street Journal, Media, Asiaweek, China Daily and Brand News. Kent is a frequent speaker at industry conferences in Asia and around the world. 

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Who We Are

Ogilvy was founded in 1948 as one office. Today, we operate as a creative network in 132 locations across 83 countries. In the course of this growth, the world has become effectively unrecognizable from what it once was.

Ogilvy has been there every step of the way, shepherding the world’s most successful brands through the uncertainty and helping them adapt and stay relevant for the long-term.

We have succeeded because, despite the massive shifts that have occurred over the years, we have always operated in the way David Ogilvy envisioned. He created a corporate culture that deeply respected and cared about its people and its clients. We honor his legacy by operating with that same commitment.

Photo of David Ogilvy, taken in 1978.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Ogilvy, our people are at the heart of what we do: a creative agency that sparks game-changing ideas across culture and business through collaboration, integrity, and a celebration of self-expression.
We believe in building powerful teams with purpose. This means hiring and nurturing talent across all races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, sexual orientation, and gender identities – and we relentlessly curate transformative initiatives that make our commitment to fairness, and equity a reality. 

Our ultimate mission is to leave a positive impact on the world, creating a better future for all, while supporting and uplifting the global communities we serve.  This is central to our mantra of Borderless Creativity.

Employee making a comment during a Town Hall staff meeting.

Grow With Us

Ogilvy’s mission is to inspire people and brands to make an impact. We believe the best way to do that is by fostering a community of inclusion made up of people from diverse backgrounds, where all contributions are valued, and where every employee has the chance to become their best creative and professional self.

Because our greatest asset is, has always been, and always will be our people, Ogilvy strives to be a people-first company. We are laser focused on providing best-in-class learning and development as well as career growth opportunities for all staff. We are deeply invested in and committed to developing our talent and fostering an environment of continuous growth.

Group of employees playing tug-of-war at an off-site outing.

Talent, I believe,
is most likely
to be found among nonconformists,
rebels, and dissenters.

– David Ogilvy

Get Involved

We have many affinity-based communities that represent a global group of individuals from a plethora of backgrounds, identities, and lived experiences collectively committed to shaping and evolving Ogilvy's culture so that it is more equitable and inclusive for everyone.

These communities are composed of employees at every level of the organization and enable all of their members to actively participate in supporting Ogilvy’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy and provide a safe environment for professional development, networking, and relationship building, especially with senior leader community members who are committed to serving as mentors and advocates for the broader group.

Some of our communities include RedLotus, Black Diaspora, and Pride. We are always open to creating more communities and doing more so that everyone feels seen, heard, appreciated, and valued.

Group photo of an affinity-based community at an off-site outing.

with us


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