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Your company is successful. But is it a leader? Your brand has a purpose. But is it unique, impactful, and a driver of growth? For over a decade, Ogilvy Consulting has helped clients go beyond surface-level questions and to help them unearth previously hidden paths to success. Ogilvy Consulting puts brand at the core of the business model, and always begins with human insights to solve for every brand and business challenge. We help clients design growth answers for business and brands by unlocking insights for short- and long-term impact — with an unusual combination of rigor and creativity. We do this by through two core areas of focus – Business Transformation and Brand Innovation – and a series of award-winning specialty practices.

  • Business Transformation

    We ensure our clients’ marketing remains a driver of business growth, now and in the future, by assessing their current state and their readiness for change. We continuously mine for insights and envision the future to create ideas using new concepts, prototypes, and platforms. And we ultimately make it real and bring it to market through our expertise in offerings from growth roadmaps and go-to-market strategies to digital and marketing transformation, organizational design, change management, and beyond.

  • Brand Innovation

    We help our clients define their brands’ essential purpose in the world and create new solutions that help create more value and revenue streams. We identify which brands contribute most to financial success and impact in the world and prioritize investment to win in the marketplace. We achieve this through brand innovation strategy, brand valuation, brand architecture & portfolio strategy, market development & segmentation, and marketing investment and strategy.

  • Futuring

    We help reframe our clients’ business problems to speak unspoken truths about the barriers to growth in an uncertain future. Through a holistic view, we help our clients better understand the business and brand fundamentals in order to define the right growth strategy for the future.

  • New Economy / Start Ups & Spin Offs

    In the new economy, startups and spinoffs have particular needs. We produce greater outcomes by identifying, addressing and optimizing organizational readiness, growth models, and brand creation to capture opportunities from start to scale

  • B2B

    Our B2B practice works with clients to continuously invest in and solve for their transformation and growth needs in three ways: 1) B2B thought leadership & research that provokes new thinking; 2) Ever-evolving solutions to emerging challenges of B2B clients, and; 3) Direct access to Ogilvy’s global network of B2B practitioners. From building out a brand strategy and architecture to leveraging the latest behavioral science and audience strategy insights, to innovative product and service development and more, our B2B experts make sure our clients are unlocking all of their protentional B2B value.

  • Sustainability

    We make sure our clients integrate sustainability into their brands in a genuine way, through clear communications to stakeholders and effective partnership strategies. We aim to change the perception of greenwashing and demonstrate the true impact our clients’ products and services can and are having on the environment.

  • Behavioral Science

    Our Behavioral Science practice aids our clients in understanding their audience’s decision-making behavior, mapping hidden drivers of that behavior to unearth powerful insights and innovations. We also create interventions and communications that change behavior, enhancing the customer’s experience and crafting more effective brand narratives.

  • Health & Wellness

    Our services in Health & Wellness support a spectrum of overlapping eco-systems centered around people as patients, customers/consumers. We help companies, from life science to health living improve lives and increase health through human center insights, creativity, and innovation.

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