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Our Capabilities - Relationship Design

In today's crowded landscape, relationships aren't something to be managed, but strategically designed. Brands must do more than show up. Across touchpoints — digital and physical—brands must craft experiences that resonate with people and result in the creation of a relationship. Ogilvy One creates brand, business, and customer value by designing personal, data-driven relationships at the intersection of creativity and technology – powered by AI. Relationship Design is Ogilvy’s approach that imbues the creation of all work across the services Ogilvy One provides. This expansive view enables us to center our approach to clients’ diverse needs and briefs for relationships and experience services, supported by 4,000 Ogilvy One practitioners and specialists globally, in all regions, operating in over 90 markets.

  • Acquisition

    We transform the customer experience across its entire ecosystem through a consistent vision and strategy that delivers a meaningful consumer lifetime value exchange. 

  • Service Design

    We deliver impactful experiences, across multiple touchpoints — from mobile apps and websites to immersive experiences and the underlying tech platforms that power them. 

  • Continuous Commerce

    With a vast understanding of and ability to optimize digital marketplaces and the power of social media, we maximize the value of your brand’s interactions with consumers to drive commerce.  

  • CRM & Loyalty

    We develop and maintain programs that build emotional and behavioral loyalty and nurture the relationship between consumers and brands, not only in the here and now but deep into the future.

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