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Le strade sono il nostro palco Zalando

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During the most famous Italian music festival, Ogilvy and Zalando show us that music and style don't need a big stage to shine, they just need the streets and neighborhoods they belong to.That’s why Ogilvy decided to turn the spotlight away from the stars in Sanremo pointing it to Italian neighborhoods and their most representative artists.BigMama in Nolo, Livio Cori in the streets of Quartieri Spagnoli, and Laila Al Habash in Garbatella took their style to the streets by performing their personal version of a classic Sanremo hit “Nessuno mi può giudicare” (No one can judge me) that became the anthem of the campaign.The 3 music videos and the artists' portraits become the subject of a digital and hyperlocal OOH campaign that celebrates their music, their style, and their neighborhoods.


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  • Milan
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