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Coca-Cola's innovative Christmas campaign, "Magic Audios," tapped into WhatsApp in Brazil, the world's second-largest market for the messaging platform. Leveraging insights into Coca-Cola's significant chatbot user base in Brazil and WhatsApp's popularity, the campaign aimed to strengthen connections with customers. Participants were challenged to record audio messages conveying Christmas wishes while drawing the Coca-Cola bottle silhouette and those who succeeded were awarded prizes. An AI system analyzed audio waveforms, swiftly classifying both form and content, and responding to users promptly. Over a two-week period, the campaign generated massive participation, with over 12 million seconds of audio recordings and 400,000 Christmas messages sent. It attracted nearly 100,000 new unique users to Coca-Cola's WhatsApp presence. This creative approach reinforced Coca-Cola's brand presence and fostered meaningful interactions during the festive season in Brazil.


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