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Catch of the Day 2050 Sea Shepherd

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If we don’t stop overfishing, our oceans will soon carry more marine debris like fishing nets than actual fish. To promote immediate action to save the ocean, Sea Shepherd and Ogilvy Social.Lab created “Catch Of The Day 2050” — a unique campaign displaying what looks like seafood but is actually made up of fishing nets found in the North Sea. To kick off the campaign, a classic Dutch herring cart was set up in the center of Amsterdam. However, instead of fish, shoppers will find seafood made entirely out of fishing nets. Created by artists from Dutch universities, the collectable artwork depicting sea life is a tangible and alarming visual metaphor for the future. Via QR codes, people can get more information about the project and the threat that overfishing poses to our oceans.


  • Relationship Design


  • Social.Lab Amsterdam
Sea Shepherd - Catch of the Day | Ogilvy
Sea Shepherd - Catch of the Day | Ogilvy
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