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Through the Bricks Lego

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Ogilvy UK is the global PR agency for the LEGO retail business, creating PR campaigns that can be rolled out in key LEGO markets around the globe, supporting major product launches and driving customers to and LEGO stores around the world.

The aim of this campaign was to bring the magic of LEGO, and the magical world of Harry Potter, to life in a new and exciting way. The lightbulb moment was realising that what unites both LEGO and Diagon Alley was bricks - you go through a brick wall to enter Diagon Alley – so Ogilvy created ‘Through the Bricks’ as the global campaign idea; bringing together digital, social, PR, retail, eCommerce and paid media in one multi territory campaign.

The core asset at the heart of the campaign was a WebAR experience that took consumers ‘Through The Bricks’ for a first view of the set. The 3D rendered animation was activated by pointing a mobile phone camera at any real brick wall; the LEGO bricks would appear, then separate to reveal LEGO Diagon Alley beyond, ready to be explored for the first time.
To access the experience, we released a set of LEGO instructions to build a QR code out of basic LEGO bricks our consumers would already have at home – their very own key to Diagon Alley.

Ogilvy also signed the original Weasley twins, the Phelps brothers whose ‘Wizarding Wheezes’ shop featured in the set, to front the campaign.


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