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The Restaurant With No Food Hellmann's

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Have you ever looked into a full fridge and thought “nothing to eat”?

Because of this common problem, millions of perfectly good ingredients end up in the bin.

To tackle this, Ogilvy and Hellmann’s opened a gourmet restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil.

The twist? It had no food.

Instead, we invited people to bring whatever’s left in their fridge. Our celebrity chefs then transformed their forgotten ingredients into five-star meals, proving how Hellmann’s can combine almost anything, while showing a wider range of uses for the product. And instead of the bill, we surprised people again with a recipe of their meal. Every dish became a recipe video, giving us an entire year’s worth of content, with MasterChef and Tastemade also joining in.

In two days alone, the restaurant generated 200+ news reports and 50 million impressions. We increased sales by 8%, and saved over 2,700 ingredients, even garnering official endorsement by the UN World Food Programme. Based on the success, Hellmann’s is rolling out the activation to other key markets across Europe this year.


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The Restaurant With No Food - Hellmann's | Ogilvy
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