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Love your ends Philadelphia

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Ogilvy partnered with Philadelphia to tackle food waste in the UK. With a looming recession in 2020, every purchase needs to go further, but at the same time, UK households waste 4.5m tons of food each year. Together, we launched the “Don’t waste it, taste it” campaign, spreading awareness of the 3 most wasted products – potatoes, pasta, and bread. This year, to drive even more effective change, we focused on one – bread.

Targeting Millennials, Philadelphia led with purpose and sought to Leave Fewer Traces and demonstrated in a fun and engaging way how bread ends could be turned into shining end-wiches (sandwiches using two end slices) through Philadelphia’s incredible taste. The campaign consisted of a series of uniquely visual and compelling assets across social and digital, showing a delicious-looking end-wich.

TikTok was used as a channel for the first time with well-known influencers, plus VOD content, with assets driving traffic to our website, where more recipe inspirations could be found and first-party data was collected, completing a full consumer journey. To truly story-do we also invested behind GoodLoop – an innovative way to drive our purpose further by donating to FareShare every time our ad was served.

We succeeded in driving impact for Philadelphia, changing perceptions and behaviour change, with 88% saying they’d love their ends by the end of the campaign (vs. 48% of people who said they’d throw their ends away pre -campaign) and smashed other KPI’s too.


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