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Ogilvy have partnered with Philadelphia to tackle food waste in the UK. With a looming recession in 2020, every purchase needs to go further, but at the same time, UK households waste 4.5m tons of food each year. Together Ogilvy launched the “Don’t waste it, taste it” campaign, spreading awareness of the 3 most wasted products – potatoes, pasta, and bread. This year, to drive even more effective change, we focused on one – bread. The second biggest reason for bread wastage is “personal preference” i.e., throwing the crusts and end slices in the bin. In fact, 1.2 billion end slices are wasted in the UK every year. The population is ready and willing to change, they just don’t know how.

With the help of some crusty ends and delicious Philadelphia, Ogilvy were able to create a campaign that was twofold – awareness and action. We raised awareness with a series of uniquely visual and compelling assets across social and digital. And the campaign showed people how they could save the ends slices from the bin with an influencer campaign utilising 6 simple and delicious recipes.


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