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Mr Swan Sipsmith

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Sipsmith has launched its most ambitious campaign in its 10-year history, bringing to life the Sipsmith brand story, celebrating its passion and its uncompromising commitment to crafting the very best London Dry Gin, through a beautiful stop motion animation film, developed by Ogilvy UK.

The new campaign follows the process of making Sipsmith London Dry Gin, through the lens of the charming Mr Swan, an animated character who leads us through the distilling journey that takes place at the Sipsmith distillery in London, the birthplace of gin. From using the finest junipers, to the distillation process where only the best of the liquid is taken, to hand dipping the bottle top in wax, the film shows that no shortcuts are taken in the pursuit of making a better quality gin by the passionate team of distillers.

Every detail of the campaign was carefully considered replicating the distillery and distillation process itself, from recreating the beautiful copper stills to hand dipping the miniature bottles in wax; even the inside pocket of Mr. Swan’s suit is handstitched, never to be seen by viewers but illustrates the celebration of craft and commitment to things done properly at Sipsmith.

The whole piece of work was a true partnership between agency, production and the Sipsmith team – from determining the tone of Mr. Swan, voiced by British comedian Julian Barratt, to engaging with the best of British talent in this craft – many of whom were members of Wes Anderson’s Art Department, who worked on Isle of Dogs and Fantastic Mr. Fox.


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