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Hellmann’s new “On The Side Of Food” global campaign demonstrates the brand’s obsession with taste and highlights its commitment to responsible food production.

As part of this global campaign, Hellmann’s wanted to find a way of celebrating food pioneers.

It takes real bravery to eat the things that have never been eaten before. But sometime, somewhere, someone was the first person to eat every delicious morsel we take for granted today. And Hellmann’s believes these brave food pioneers deserve a bit of recognition. We helped Hellmann’s matter by celebrating these food pioneers with a brand new campaign. We wanted to pay tribute to that weirdo. And everyone else who first put great-tasting food on the menu.

Double-page print ads launched during the Easter weekend in the Observer Magazine, Guardian Weekend, and Saturday Express, celebrating the first people to eat prawns, mushrooms, and squid. These were followed by a series of 60s radio spots, performed by veteran actor and comedian Nigel Planer.


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