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The Endangered Typeface WWF Portugal & Lisbon Zoo

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According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there are more than 42,000 endangered species. To raise awareness around the 6th mass extinction, WWF Portugal and the Lisbon Zoo created The Endangered Typeface, a living font, born to protect all animal life. The Endangered Typeface is a living font where each letter represents a different animal. As the number of individuals of a species decreases, the corresponding letter disappears in the same proportion. The campaign, which is also brought to life in a series of striking print images, calls for people to download the font, make a donation and use The Endangered Typeface to spread the word.


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Black and white image of person setting out campaign posters featuring the letter C laid out on a table
Letters A - L of the Endangered Typeface font
Letters M through X of the Endangered Typeface font
Black and White image of people pasting posters featuring the Endangered Font spelling out H-E-L
Black and white photo of a Poster of the Endangered Typeface letter Z hung on a wall
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