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Cover Crop Whiskey Country Crock

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Today’s farmers are dealing with soil fatigue from planting and harvesting the same crops over and over again. This leads to soil erosion and deteriorating nutrients. Country Crock recognized an opportunity to help educate farmers and the public on a sustainable solution: cover crops, like cereal rye, are plants grown in between harvested crops to improve soil health by returning nutrients, minimizing pests, and increasing water retention, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As part of The Cover Crops Project, Country Crock asked Kansas City neighbor, J. Rieger & Co., to make a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition bottle blended with a touch of whiskey distilled with cover crop cereal rye — a special batch of rye whiskey born from the very same Kansas City area which farms the soybeans that find their way into Country Crock.


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