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2018 was a year of uncertainty. For many UK businesses, there was a sense that they were operating in a particularly volatile landscape, with global trade wars, cyber threats, natural hazards and Brexit dominating the headlines.

FM Global wanted to get the message across that, in the face of uncertainty, there are choices businesses can make to reduce their exposure to risk and become more resilient.

There was a great opportunity to take this view to decision makers; to put something in their hands that would inform their business conversations, inside and outside the boardroom, while positioning FM Global as a thought leader in the Commercial Property Insurance sector.

Making it personal

We created a high-value direct mail piece in the form of a crafted pop-up book illustrating 5 key trends in the UK property market (e.g. short-termism vs. long term results) designed to intrigue the audience, with the headline : ‘Resilience isn’t luck or fate. Resilience is a Choice.’

On the first page was a personalised letter, promising a phone call from a sales executive to arrange a business meeting to share more of FM Global’s thought leadership, and the ways FM Global could help their business build resilience.

This resulted in a response rate of 25%, and several direct client conversations.


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