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With the British Airways American Express Card, every checkout gets you closer to wherever you want to be in the world. Which makes every checkout more important. You start seeing points everywhere.  All those Avios and On Business points. All those travel opportunities. Just sitting there waiting to be collected. On the supermarket shelf. In your  Amazon basket. You look for them everywhere because every time you checkout, it’s another opportunity to check out  the world.

The campaign from IAG Loyalty and American Express spans consumer and business cards, highlighting how cardholders can fulfil their travel aspirations through everyday spending. The campaign is spearheaded by a TVC featuring a Dad and his young daughter trying (and failing) to recreate a dish Dad’s Mum used to make him back in his native Thailand. With everything they’re buying on their adventure, Dad’s picking up Avios. And that’s when he realises the only way he’s ever going to get this right, is to take his daughter home...


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