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There are those who look at the stars and those who reach them. The new Space Economy is a business opportunity and we're here to help brands reframing their future.
Ogilvy Orbiter is the most advanced New Space Economy-enabling platform on the market. Born from the collaboration between Ogilvy Consulting and WIRED, Ogilvy Orbiter has the unique goal of paving the way for those companies brave enough to embrace the diversified possibilities this rising industry is offering right here, right now.
Designed in real life with the aim (once in orbit) to connect their capabilities in order to accomplish complex tasks in a reasonable amount of time. CubeSats technology inspired Ogilvy Orbiter’s model.
Clients, with their own goals, knowledge, needs, dreams and capabilities, are going to represent the last CubeSat needed for the mission.
An owned methodology will guide the full process end to end, based on client’s ambition.


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