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Leading Water tanks manufacturer Roto Tanks, the Ministry of Health Kenya, and Ogilvy Africa have partnered on a project aimed at educating young mothers in rural parts of East Africa on how to combat malnutrition in children 2 and under. "Lesso Lessons" aims to use traditionally patterned fabric garments called "lessos" — which are commonly used as slings by women to carry their babies on their backs as they work — to educate young Kenyan mothers in rural areas on proper postnatal nutritional care. The campaign makes use of creative and design thinking to tackle this seemingly ever-present issue in a way that seamlessly fits into Kenyan women’s lives. Along with input from healthcare professionals, the team adapted over 1 million data points from some of the most recent studies on postnatal nutrition during the design process to make the utility relevant to the region.


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Lesso Lessons - Roto Tanks | Ogilvy
Lesso Lessons - Roto Tanks | Ogilvy
Lesso Lessons - Roto Tanks | Ogilvy
Lesso Lessons - Roto Tanks | Ogilvy
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