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Nokia had a mobile transport solution to launch: 5G Anyhaul. A highly complex and technical solution, it’s the fundamental building block for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), for large and small mobile phone operators to be able to deliver 5G to their customers.

But with a heavy technical and product-driven focus, this launch was always going to be challenging – and it had to cut through an already noisy market.

Transforming the complex with creative
We took a bold and simple creative approach, turning engineering speak into benefit-led messaging that resonated with their CSPs.

Combining paid search, social and display, we built a highly-targeted campaign around creative work that stood out and communicated our message elegantly and effectively.

We beat all targets in the awareness phase with over 5.6 million impressions and nearly 700,000 video views through paid search and social alone.

Plus, we’ve already delivered 153% of our MQL target with a contribution of €64m in pipeline against a target of €18m – and that’s before we’ve even completed the lead generation phase of the campaign.


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