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Make Yourself, At Home Argos

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According to insights from Argos, grey has been the nation's most popular colour for a new sofa in recent years. Surely 'greige' is not the hue that springs to mind when you think of your favourite colour?

To encourage Brits to have a little more faith in their own instincts and build their spaces around themselves, we created a home makeover show – with a big twist. 'Make Yourself, At Home' helps people celebrate who they are, in every corner of their home.

The series stars interior designer and influencer Siobhan Murphy, Ogilvy Behavioural Scientist David Fanner, and a real family who have lost their shopping instincts. David is on hand to analyse the family's emotional responses as they wear the latest AI emotion-tracking technology. The tech tracks the family while they take in photos of the latest products stocked by the much-loved retailer which are projected onto a large immersive cube.


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