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HOKA Presents: UTMB World Series 2022 HOKA

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HOKA, the shoes and apparel brand built by runners for runners, unveils a new campaign that makes the most difficult race in the world, UTMB, accessible and inspiring to all runners.

Ogilvy UK created ‘The Fearless Kilometre’ Strava Event, allowing members of the world’s largest social network for athletes to get a taste of elite trail running and raise money for charity.

UTMB is one of the most challenging extreme courses in the world, HOKA are challenging all runners, of all abilities, to experience a piece of the UTMB journey with the Fearless Kilometre. For every participant, HOKA will donate 1 Euro to Achilles International, a charity that break barriers to race start lines and empowers the disability community to cross the finish line.

With the global expansion of the UTMB world series finals – this initiative represents the jewel in the crown of elite trail running. Strava runners can now try part of the course for themselves.

“HOKA’s running community is at the heart of everything we do – no matter the experience, no matter the level.  We have grown the HOKA’s community organically focusing on quality content for their runners, their product and the achievements of both elite runners and regulars alike. No one is born a racer - but anyone can become one. The Fearless Kilometre is a manifestation of that belief and UTMB represents the pinnacle of elite trail running.  We just made it so anyone can join in.” Chris Wall, Head of Creative, Ogilvy UK 

“The UTMB played a crucial role in the origins of HOKA, it’s where our founders first had the idea of reinventing the running shoe, and where they displayed the first prototypes of their footwear. It’s so important to us, as brand partners, to bring this iconic event to life for our community, celebrating what makes it so important to the trail community, and inspiring those at home to join us next year. The event is so much more than what is happening on the trails, so having Ogilvy’s support to bring the whole festival to life has been crucial. We want more people to feel that running is for them, and to challenge themselves to do things they never would have considered otherwise.” Jasmine Absolon, Digital Marketing Manager, HOKA


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