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Ogilvy PR's UK team have done a cracking job at delivering huge fame for the Cadbury Worldwide Hide. Now in its third year, we went bigger and better, earning more than 160 pieces of coverage in both national and regional press, with a reach of more than 515 million.

But what got everyone so egg-cited, you ask? Cadbury surprised the small Derbyshire village of Egginton by quite literally hiding its eggs… The ‘Egg’ on village signs mysteriously disappeared overnight, and so unsuspecting villagers embarked on a giant Easter egg hunt which led this Easter-loving, close-knit community to receive a generous 600 Cadbury Easter eggs.

The Cadbury Worldwide Hide runs from late March until mid-April 2023, where people can follow steps to hide a Cadbury Easter egg and share a special clue with a loved one.

Ogilvy PR Credits:
Katie Lassman, Erica Cohen, Tommy Curran Jones, Alice Martyr, Jessica Empson, and Reva Rana.


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People gather in a field around a display of Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs
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