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Ogilvy Networks

Ogilvy Roots

Since 2017, Roots has been informing Talent Management strategies and real client briefs at Ogilvy and across WPP.

Driven by a desire to better inform our approach to ethnicity, race, culture, and religion within our industry, Roots aims to inspire and support both talent and clients. The team have won client work for brands such as the MOBOs and World Afro Day, and they produce an e-magazine, Rooted.

Ogilvy Parents and Carers

Parents and Carers is a community support network for Ogilvy's parents and carers as they balance their journeys and commitments with building a successful career at Ogilvy. 

Ogilvy ReWired

ReWired is a network that’s all about neurodiversity and is designed to celebrate, educate, and support current and prospective neurodivergent employees.

Ogilvy Networks UK
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