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German rap is currently the most popular music genre among teenagers, but it is not necessarily known for its tender messages. It is often aggressive, glorifies violence and sexism. Especially at a time when empathy, understanding and compassion is what people need the most. We show that rap doesn't need to make tough statements to be a hit and want to take a stand for empathy in the aggressive rap scene. As part of the "Zarte Botschaft" campaign by Milka, we released the song "ZART" together with Nimo. A song in which the rapper from Frankfurt doesn’t make any compromises, but with a totally unexpected and unique message. The music video shows tough scenarios that later turn out to be empathetic gestures. “ZART” reached #8 on the German Spotify charts with over 4 million streams, debuted at #17 on the official German singles charts and rose to #4 on German YouTube Trends. Milka was able to reach teenagers and spark a debate about empathy in the rap scene.


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Tender – Milka
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