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Everybody wants to live healthier. But in our search for the best diet, we come across millions of opinions, guides and recommendations. Scientists, celebrities, influencers - simply everyone has their very own secret recipe. But how do we know what's good for us personally? Lidl wants to make healthy eating not only affordable, but also simple and easily accessible. For this purpose, we used the AR filter technology, which is popular with mobile users, and developed it further. This resulted in an innovative web app that can find out the individual need for healthy fruits and vegetables through a simple face scan. The app combines AI, AR and scientific databases with results from 30 European countries. Using AR, the AI recognizes age, gender, and location, matches these characteristics with the database, and determines which vitamins are needed. Based on the three most important vitamins, the appropriate fruit and vegetables from the Lidl range are identified and recommended. Three fresh products as a clear purchase recommendation for your own personal vitamin mix. Simple, entertaining and attention-grabbing. Everything on the smartphone, all in seconds. No download, no installation and no excuses to finally live healthier.


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