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CB News asked us to create the cover of the luxury collector... with an AI.
For the first time in France, a magazine had its cover illustrated by an artificial intelligence in collaboration with David Raichman, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Paris. This cover was created by combining Midjourney, Dall-E and Stable Diffusion, the three main AI graphic design programs. The young woman on the cover of the CB News issue is therefore the result of a new kind of alliance between an artificial intelligence and a creative who gave all the necessary indications in ordinary language to create this image.

"When we worked with David Raichman on the cover of the CB News Luxury Collector, we realized that this was the best way to illustrate the theme of this issue: the future of luxury. David introduced us to the extraordinary power of AI which, combined with his creative and photographic talent, created this incredible image. CB News, the reference magazine for communication, marketing and advertising is proud to be at the forefront of creativity with this first in France." Frédéric Roy Editorial Director of CB News.


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