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Our Capabilities - Behavioural Marketing

Ogilvy is the only French communications group with a Behavioral Marketing practice. And in the world of behavioural change consulting firms, Ogilvy Consulting is the only one to take creation seriously. We believe that there is an exceptional subject that has been developed over 70 years by the academic world that is just waiting to be applied in real life. And we believe that when applied creatively, behavioural sciences are more effective. Much more effective.  We're a small team of behavioural strategists with a passion for the humanities. We work with creative people who are excited about playing with people's brains and grappling with challenges that are out of the ordinary; with academic experts and people in the field. We observe, we read scientific literature, we create innovative solutions, we prototype, we measure. And we try to ensure, among other things, that children like to eat vegetables, men don't urinate just anywhere and pedestrians don't cross in front of trams.

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