Our Capabilities - Public Relations & Influence

In today’s crowded media landscape, successful brands must throw out the old adage of “all press is good press”. Reputation today is staked on positive coverage and endorsement from people who matter. It’s about building up a groundswell of opinion that cannot be bought, only earned.

There’s a difference between attention and influence. Ogilvy’s Public Relations & Influence experts are able to earn influence on behalf of our clients’ brands by marrying a deep understanding of the consumer with our approach to building brands that matter today, tomorrow, and years from now. We bring influence campaigns to life through our unmatched creativity, on the strength of valuable partnerships with major media and platforms, and through innovative PR solutions that ensure the brand will continue to grow.

Earning influence today means having a robust and wide-ranging media strategy. There are the traditional large media companies and their print, digital, and social platforms, but also their popular, younger, digitally-born competitors. There are influencers across social media that drive as much attention as any well-oiled PR campaign can. Many companies are their own publishers, consistently churning out quality content.

But not every piece of content or every publisher is relevant to the target audience that will make a business difference for the brand. Knowing what matters to the consumer makes the difference between effectively managing your brand’s reputation or further harming it; presenting the brand’s leaders as influential experts or run-of-the-mill talking heads; your brand becoming an influencer rather than a follower.

  • Reputation Protection

    Protecting your brand’s reputation isn’t something you only do in the moment; it’s about preparation. Crises can hit at any time, and come from any angle, and we help brands assess areas of vulnerability and define where to look for early signs that a problem could be on the horizon. If that problem ever does come up, the brand is not only in position to deal with it efficiently, they are set up to begin recovering and rebuilding.

  • C-Suite & Advocacy

    The reputation of a brand can hinge on the public persona of its leadership. Highly-visible, credible, influential executives help present a brand as authentic, transparent and engaging—somewhere consumers and other businesses can feel comfortable partnering with. Additionally, brands oftentimes need working relationships with governments and civil society in order to achieve its business goals. We help brands manage their public affairs, as well as strategize how a brand can deliver a positive impact on the communities it serves.

  • Brand Influence

    The modern brand is one that people look to as an expert, as a partner in a shared experience. But a brand isn’t handed that distinction, it has to earn it. We help brands do that by first diagnosing with what audiences the brand is influential with, and how it can become more influential. Then we develop a strategy to inform an integrated program, leveraging media and influencers that are relevant to the audience and have their trust.

  • Employee Experience

    A brand is only as meaningful as the people behind it. Many companies overlook the impact that their employees have on the strength of the brand and how it drives business value. Just as a brand needs new customers, it needs to recruit the right type of ambassadors and stewards, too. We help brands create internal activation plans and employee value propositions that lead to a unified, engaged employee base, which ultimately helps the drive brand value and growth.

  • Media Influence

    Brands must always be aware of the public commentary surrounding itself, its competitors and the larger marketplace. Failing to be aware of this, brands risk not only missing out on crucial reputation opportunities, but worse, can fail to respond to unwanted perceptions. Understanding the outlets and platforms that your audience trusts and interacts with helps you prepare, and proactively working with media helps drive sales and enhances the brand’s reputation.

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