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Our Capabilities - Brand Strategy

Ogilvy’s mission is to make brands matter for existing and new clients, across every time horizon, and at every consumer interaction.

Effective brand strategy begins with the consumer. Every successful brand today fosters a connection with the consumer, providing service and relevance. In order to achieve that relationship, we ensure that a brand’s strategy acts as a force that pulls every brand behavior, experience, and expression into a cohesive and intentional whole.

Ogilvy knows that brands today cannot just say; they must do. Consumers want to connect with brands who stand for something, built on meaningful principles that aren’t ancillary to business concerns, but baked into the brand’s core. We ensure that every brand exists to make a material difference in consumers’ lives.

A brand is a living thing. It can only become an integral part of a consumer’s life if it’s able to adapt to changing circumstances, to fill the customer’s wants and needs over the short, medium, and long term. When building a brand, Ogilvy is invested in making the brand matter to the customer—right now, in every quarter, and for years to come.

  • Brand Discovery

    A strong brand is built on a solid foundation, and we make sure that our clients’ brands are constructed properly and for long-term success. A brand that isn’t well-positioned simply won’t resonate with consumers. We ensure that our brand positionings are unique, credible, relevant, inspiring and future-proof. Our experts assess market factors, competitor threats and opportunities, and determine how to activate the brand across every audience and that it creates value for the consumer.

  • Brand Creation

    To make a brand matter to today’s consumer, it has to stand for something beyond the bottom line. A meaningful and legitimate brand purpose is not a CSR-fueled add-on, but is determined as part of the brand’s DNA. Along with determining purpose, this is the stage where we help the brand define its core values and behaviors. Only then can the overtly front-facing aspects be created—naming, visual identity, innovation opportunities and future investment strategies.

  • Brand Definition

    How does a modern brand manifest itself? In today’s digital environment, the customer is as much a part of the brand as the brand itself. So defining then brand starts with definition of the market, the target audience, the go-to-market strategy and experiences and actions that will bring the brand to life. And as today’s brand-customer relationships is ongoing, a successful brand must employ effective governance systems along with measurement and tracking that allows for effective optimization.

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