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All In, All New Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes-Benz, a renowned pioneer in automotive technology, has always been committed to driving innovation while embracing the principles of sustainable development. In 2021, amidst the rise of electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz made a bold decision to transition its entire car lineup to electric models. To showcase this transformative shift and promote their vision of a greener future, Mercedes-Benz collaborated with Ogilvy Beijing and esteemed Chinese actress Gong Li. Together, they released the theme film "ALL IN, ALL NEW" which encapsulates the brand's unwavering pursuit of excellence and the belief that transcending limitations in every era leads to an ideal future. This film serves as a catalyst for promoting Mercedes-Benz's inspiring concept of "For a more beautiful tomorrow, ALL IN, ALL NEW" aimed at reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainable travel through electrification.


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