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From buying groceries and booking a train ticket to making a medical appointment and hailing a taxi, today virtually everything is available in just a few taps on our mobile phones. The convenience brought by digital technology is undeniable, but not all of us are able to enjoy its benefits. In fact, for the 140 million seniors in China who do not have access or properly use a smartphone, the full-on digitalization of services, accelerated by the pandemic, has left them more isolated than ever.

To support the collective efforts from the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee’s Bureau of Veteran Cadres, the Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Commission Office, the Shanghai Health Commission, the Shanghai Economy and Informatization Commission, the Shanghai Bureau of Communication Management and the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology to create a more senior-friendly society and narrow the digital divide, Ogilvy Shanghai reinvented the traditional black and white QR code, which often evokes frustration and fear amongst the senior generation, turning it instead into a symbol of empowerment.


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乐龄码 Care Code
乐龄码 Care Code
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