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Love Scarborough Scarborough Health Network

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Despite efforts, access to health care and quality of care can still vary significantly across communities. In 2022, the district of Scarborough, which accounts for 25% of Toronto’s population, was receiving less than 1% of the hospital donations of that region. With Scarborough Health Network (SHN), we designed the “Love, Scarborough” campaign to raise awareness of the need to close Toronto’s healthcare gap by driving donations from Scarborough and across the Greater Toronto Area.

This integrated campaign is built around the idea of an open letter from Scarborough to the rest of the city, imploring them to help level the playing field. Anchored around real people from the community and the SHN, “Love, Scarborough” generated conversation and local pride. With historic donations to the SHN following the campaign, the Mayor of Toronto even named January 13th “Love Scarborough Day” in the city.


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