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After 60 years of partnership with the African continent, the EU faced a significant challenge: how to shift a new generation’s perception of the EU’s involvement in Africa, previously viewed as having no real impact on the local population.

As Africa's first partner in trade, foreign investment, and development, the European Union’s partnership with the continent is rooted in a united purpose to confront urgent global issues that severely impact the daily lives of millions of African citizens.

Ogilvy Social.Lab launched #WeSeeAfrica, an ambitious 2-year campaign designed to demonstrate the impact of the European Union’s partnership with Africa, that showcases the transformational collaborations with 12 of its countries.

Ogilvy Social.Lab started a global conversation by sharing the extraordinary stories of local heroes. The message resonated across borders, cultures, and languages, with each unique story showing that the Africa-EU partnership truly addresses local issues – at scale.


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We See Africa – Africa and the European Union
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