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To promote Brussels as a destination in a unique way by leveraging TikTok to inspire residents and future visitors, Ogilvy Social.Lab collaborated with visit.brussels to create a TikTok Playbook for the launch of their TikTok channel.

The Playbook included a comprehensive toolkit with various components, such as an analysis of TikTok's relevance for visit.brussels, a category audit, audience insights, a strategic framework for Paid, Owned, and Earned media, guidelines for organic content, content lenses, themes, frequency, trends tracking, and best practices. It also covered the role of creators, paid strategies, content strategy, editorial guidelines, and creative concepts.

Ogilvy Social.Lab's involvement focused on strategic planning rather than tangible product production. The final deliverable, the Visit Brussels - TikTok Strategy Toolkit, provided visit.brussels' editorial teams with the necessary guidance and creative concepts to effectively implement their future TikTok campaigns.


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