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Milka and Ogilvy Social.Lab collaborated to transform the iconic Alpine milk chocolate bar into a means of expressing empathy.

By adding tender words and emojis on the squares, Milka encouraged people to share tenderness and spread the message through social media. The innovative media strategy replaced negative content with positive messages delivered through pieces of Milka chocolate.

This campaign aimed to reassert Milka's empathetic positioning and reconnect with its Millennial audience by showcasing the power of empathy in everyday acts. Through this unique approach, Milka aimed to not only share its delicious chocolate but also inspire people to share tender messages and experience the impact of small gestures.


  • Advertising


  • Ogilvy Social.Lab Brussels
    Ogilvy Berlin
    Ogilvy Poland
    Social.Lab Europe
    Wavemaker Europe


  • Gold @ Effie Awards Europe
Tender Words
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