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#PositiveAboutBeingPositive MSD BELGIUM BV / SRL

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Despite advancements in science and treatment, people living with HIV still feel excluded from their communities, largely due to misinformation and stigma around the disease. In their ongoing pursuit of 'inventing for a more hopeful future’, MSD Belgium partnered with Ogilvy Social.Lab to raise awareness about the Virus.

This stigma prevents people from being open and proactive about knowing their status. To shift these attitudes, Ogilvy Social.Lab and MSD Belgium looked to support those living with HIV by speaking to communities that are significantly affected by the disease.

To reach these niche audiences, a personalised paid media campaign was launched across multiple platforms, utilising the targeting capabilities of Facebook, Instagram YouTube and GRINDR – the largest LGBTQIA+ social networking app. This disruptive platform (for the pharma industry) allowed the campaign to reach this audience in a hyper-relevant context.


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