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Kids will believe anything if it’s wrapped up in a nice story, so using a colorful illustrated storybook and a breakthrough interactive mobile app, we convinced them that they had a fish living in their tummy, which they needed to care for by drinking water every day.
Using the mobile phone’s camera we were able to place the Tummyfish magically in kids bellies. This technique allowed us to bridge the real world with the virtual one and maintain the illusion of Tummyfish’s existence. The kids then had to care for their new friend.
Tummyfish’s behaviour mirrored the children’s drinking habits, using data input from the parents each day. Drinking water kept their Tummyfish happy and healthy whilst sugary drinks make her sad and unresponsive. Kids who improved their drinking habits watched their friend grow and were rewarded with mini-games, while parents were able to monitor consumption and track behaviour change.


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