Feel Alive Again IKEA

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In a dystopian world not unlike ours, we follow the footsteps of a working ‘humanoid’ as he makes his way home after a busy workday. We observe as he walks through coldly lit corridors among other expressionless humanoids going about their daily routine without interaction. It’s a world that feels futuristic, but oddly familiar. It’s only until our protagonist arrives home that we see signs of life awaken in him. He walks into his warmly-lit living room and reclines on his couch, shutting his tired eyes. His family runs over to welcome him home, and he awakens to find that he has returned to who he is on the inside—a family man with a loving wife, children, and a home furnished with IKEA furniture. It’s a reminder that we can always come back home to be ourselves, because home is where we feel alive again.


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  • Dubai
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