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End The Family Drama IKEA

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Everyday life doesn’t always go to plan. In fact, life can be a bit of a drama when small, niggling annoyances upset our daily routine – like a favorite outfit that goes missing just as it’s needed or a disturbed night’s sleep before a crucial morning meeting. The truth is, one small problem can cause a dramatic reaction, especially when it’s played out in the midst of a busy, noisy family life.
IKEA is renowned as a brand that sells affordable functional solutions for pretty much everything. However, although most of us rely on IKEA products every day, we take them for granted without acknowledging that IKEA allows people to live the calm, ordered, organized life we all aspire to.
Ogilvy’s challenge was to bridge the gap in our audience mindset between the practical perception they have about IKEA products and the real, positive impact IKEA makes with simple solutions to the everyday problems. So, our idea was simple: “End your family drama with IKEA.”


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