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Nelly Andersen

Group Managing Director, Ogilvy USA

Born in California, growing up in Denmark and over the years living in Sweden, France, and the UK mean Nelly easily feels at home anywhere and loves the diversity of people and cultures.

Starting out with an MA in Nordic Languages and Communication from the University of Aarhus, Nelly joined a local Danish advertising agency. The choice of advertising was driven by a fascination of how insights and ideas can build business. In 1991, curiosity about international brands and database marketing led Nelly to join OgilvyOne Worldwide. Over the following four years as CEO, Nelly ran the agency covering clients like Unilever, IBM, Ford and American Express.

In June 1995, Nelly was promoted to run Ogilvy operations in Sweden as Chairman and CEO of the Ogilvy Group. Three years later, Nelly moved to Paris, being appointed European Regional Director on IBM for OgilvyOne, covering the IBM relationship in the CRM/DM and digital areas.

In 1999, Nelly was additionally appointed Director of New Economy EMEA, a position created to develop and guardian Ogilvy’s business with digital clients.

From 2002-06 Nelly headed RMG Connect as CEO EMEA, launching and establishing JWT’s CRM, digital and activation network—a startup-role which included attracting and developing the network’s leadership team, defining positioning and service offering, as well as winning clients like Vodafone, HSBC and Shell.

Nelly returned to Ogilvy in 2006, and the following 10 years led Ogilvy’s EMEA’s global clients focusing on international growth, digital transformation, and strategic consulting. She is continuing her client focus in her current New York-based role as Group Managing Director OUSA, where she leads one of North America’s integrated client groups.

In addition, Nelly is passionate about talent development and is a campaigner for women’s professional issues. Family, literature, art, and hiking, as well as her French house, are also important ingredients in her life.

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